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About me – Cassie

Mama asked me to tell you a little bit about myself for the book we wrote together. She made me promise to stick with the truth and not exaggerate as I was quite a convincing liar at times when I lived on earth. I was born in Modesto, California and on Graffiti Night my parents would take me to hang out on Main Street to watch the classic cars go cruising by. I credit this early influence for my love of fast cars. My penchant for bad ass boys began when I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In my early teens, I loved those smooth-talking country boys with tight black jeans, cowboy boots and leather belts with gold rodeo buckles. I did wonder sometimes if they actually rode a horse or if it was all for show. Later my taste in men and music became more edgy. My life was a classic country song though, about loving my mama, cheating hearts, and living on the edge. I dove right in never thinking of the consequences, it was all about the moment.

I’m glad I’m able to tell you my story. It’s a cautionary tale about too much too soon, burning the candle up at both ends and careening into the other side so wasted that I first thought I was on the ultimate acid trip. But be as it will, I am apparently still standing. I’m Callie in the book, by the way. No kid in their right mind likes the name their parents gave them so I just mixed it up a bit. Oh, if you want to contact me, I no longer have my cell phone. It was confiscated by my guardian angel when I arrived in Summer Wind. It can be a nasty business severing all ties to our human form and in my case, it happened in an instant. But I promise, if you place a photo of me next to you, light a candle, say a prayer, take a deep breath and ask me a question from your heart, I’ll be with you in an instant. There’s no time in my part of eternity.

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