About Elizabeth Moore, Ph.D.

About me-Elizabeth

I grew up among the rolling hills of West Virginia and the stoic forbearance of the coal miners and mountain folk have taught me the meaning of strength in the face of adversity. The lush green valleys overflowing with wildlife were my sanctuary. In more recent years, I found another retreat among the rugged lava rock, sun drenched beaches and bedazzled flowers of Hawaii. After growing up in the hill country, I encountered a whole new psychedelic world when I went out of state to college in 1969. I came home transformed into a tie-dyed hippie much to my parent’s consternation. I dabbled in spiritual explorations in college, but they didn’t take root until the death of my daughter when I was desperately seeking refuge from the storm.

I began journaling way back in high school and thought about becoming a writer but my father suggested that I try nursing so I would have a way to support myself if something were to happen to my husband. I have been a nurse now for 43 years and have seen the raw courage that it takes to carry on when dreams are shattered by illness and disability.

One of the things that writers are always taught is to “write what you know.” For many years, my life seemed too ordinary to write about but then it exploded in my face one morning in early May. In the days after Cassie’s death, I wished someone could give me a roadmap about how to survive the loss of a child. A few years down that road, I realized I had something to say and so I picked up my notepad, sharpened some pencils and began to write. I soon learned that my daughter thought I was being somewhat one-sided and so she began to tell me her version of the story…

Author Background

As the author of The Dreaming Road, I have walked through the distressing aftermath of my teenage daughter’s suicide, and I feel uniquely qualified to discuss this issue and share my experiences. My first-hand experience and resulting emotional healing provided the motivation to write this book. My hope is that my story may help prevent suicide, assist grieving loved ones, and offer insight into the spiritual reasons about why a soul might choose to exit in such a manner.

I am an Associate Professor of Nursing at a university in the south-central US. My nursing research articles have been published in several well-known journals in the field of pediatric nursing and women’s health. My research has focused on strengthening the bond between mother and baby immediately after birth by skin-to-skin contact and my novel explores the eternal bonds between mother and child that continue even when one of them has passed on.

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