The Dreaming Road

An inspirational novel that provides a “psychological autopsy” of the motivations, inner thoughts, and feelings of Callie, a 16-year-old girl, who crosses herself into a different dimension while in her sophomore year of high school and discovers, much to her surprise, that she’s not dead after all. Her devastated mother, Diane, begins a desperate search for her. Through dream visits, messages channeled through a medium and a spiritual healer they both learn that life is eternal, and love never dies.

Publication Date – January 15, 2018, Turning Stone Press

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Hi! Thank-you for visiting my website. I’m glad you found your way here. If you are visiting after the loss of a family member or friend to suicide, I know how difficult your journey is and I hope that my novel can, in some small measure, provide some comfort and healing. There is a bright road at the end of the tunnel although it can seem endless at times.

You will learn a little bit about me on these pages, as well as my daughter Cassie who crossed herself over to a part of heaven called Summer Wind when she was just 16. I have also included some resources on teenage suicide, grief and loss as well as after death communication. My e-mail address can be found on the Contact page. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Suicide has touched the lives of many of us and it’s time to shed some light on this topic rather than keeping it buried in the dark recesses of our memories.

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Inspirational Music

Shawn Gallaway writes and performs healing and transformational music. The song he wrote for Elizabeth and Cassie, “Dancing Down the Dreaming Road” can be found on his album, “Inspired”. You can purchase the CD or download the single, (or CD) from this link:

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